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After a long flight from istanbul, we have settled in a 4 star hotel in Taksim area with istanbul airport and private airport transfer from here. It was early in the morning and we met with our tour guide Ender Bey in front of mosque which was owned by Dolmabahce Palace about 10 minutes after walking from here. Then we joined the daily turkey tours istanbul bosphorus tour. Here, Dolmabahce palace mosque is a very nice architectural character and the structure has been very influential in Europe. A mosque that is the most beautiful example of baroque architecture. The mosque is also on the seaside and has 2 minarets. It is a mosque with a very large dome and medium size. In addition, all of the tour buses are parked in front of the clock tower belonging to Dolmabahce palace. It's a kind of meeting point. We walked a long cobblestone pavement walk to the main building which belonged to Dolmabahce palace belongt. On the way, there are many bronze statues made of bronze and marble. In the winter garden there is a very large pool and here is a very nice view with water jacuzzi. This pool
There is also very nice lighting. Yağlaşın 10-15 close to the long marble stairs after the dollacewas entered PAlace. It is entered by taking the museum ticket here. Dolmabahce palace is organized in groups in a row.

At the end there are many rooms and each of these rooms is designed in different colors. Some of them are like the Sultan's study room. Ambassadors and guests from abroad were waiting here before meeting with the Sultan. If the Sultan accepts, the guests are discussed. Some ambassadors and guests have been waiting for weeks to meet Private istanbul tours with the Ottoman Sultan. Finally we came to the acceptance of salvation, and this is where the feast and religious ceremonies were held. There is a baroque chandelier on the carpet 200 meters above the ground. There was even a piano, especially the lady playing the Sultan family. Here the piano is a very old historical piano. On the interior walls of the dolmabahçe there are oil paintings and black pencil works. Finally, it is considered as having a technology in the full sense of having a watch at that time. There are many handcrafted German and French watches. In places, very big mirrors adorn the walls of Dolmabahce PAlace. At the end of the dolmabahce round, there is a caferterya, which is located on the seaside and serves tea and coffee. Especially here it was very nice to drink turkish coffee with filter coffee. Dolmabahce palace is located on the edge of istanbul bosphorus.

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After a lovely trip from Bursa to Istanbul, we were in Bursa oldcity which is fabulous. Bursa city has been as popular as the Ottoman empire and the Republic of Turkey in the time of having the ancient history up to istanbul. Bursa is the city where the trade is very intense. This understanding of trade starts from the Ottoman Empire until the present day. Especially the clothes made of textile and silk are produced and processed here close to 1,000 years. İpek textile Bhursa KOZA Bazaar also continues until daylight. A wide range of pure silk shirts and ties are sold. In addition, woven silk handkerchiefs and kilims are sold.In addition, many kinds of patterns and motifs and Ottoman private turkey tours culture are dominated by designs made of women's clothes and souvenirs are sold. If Bursa oldcity is Bursa iskender Kebab  which is very delicious, it is one of the indispensable dishes. In 1299, the Ottoman state was the first capital, so there is always a different approach and very beautiful buildings and Bursa Ulu mosque. Built as a stone structure. There is a very large main entrance door. Yıldırım Beyazıt was built by Ottoman Sultan and in particular Bursa isnik ceramic and tile were used. As it is the silk here, Bursa iznik ceramics have a reputation on the world 
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In the morning at this hotel we were on the Sultanahmet square from the Cankurtaran on foot. There are 2 squares in Istanbul OldCity. The first one is the Hippodrome, and there are already two obelisk snakes and a German fountain here. The German fountain has a round structure and 6 fountains. It was literally made with cappadocia tours Turkish architecture. On the inside of this building there are mosaics on the ceiling dome side. This structure was moved to here by trains after the German fountain, which was a gift to the German emperor Ottoman emperor, was made in Germany. A sign of an alman-turk friend. There is a horseshoe. Hagia Sophia Blue is between the mosque and there is a path leading to the Topkapi palace adorned with beautiful cobblestone sidewalk. Topkapi palace has parks on the road which it creates in the shade of Çınar trees. In these parks there are especially Tulip flowers and rose gardens. As Topkapi Palace, Germany is much smaller than Russia and the French palaces of the time.

The palaces built in one do not like the passing of the mosque. The Topkapi palace is a place where the garden of Has is wonderful. By the beach alone there was a private cappadocia tours very beautiful bosphorus and marmara sea view. The Topkapi palace was built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz as the new palace Dolmabahce Palace. From here, another building in istanbul is Suleymaniye mosque. Suleymaniye mosque, the Ottoman empire's greatest commander, Sultan Suleyman, never achieved the strength he had in his time. This period was the Suleymaniye mosque on the side of the architect Miman Sİnan, the world's greatest architect. Then Mimar Sinan who also made Edirne Selimiye mosque. This structure is made up of the hill and the high place where it is desired to be seen from every part of the city. There are 4 large minarets and multi dome. Bazaar is in the vicinity of Suleymaniye mosque.

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